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Diane Giles of the Kenosha News sent to Chuck Saftig about "bad guys" on our family tree.  Here is what it is all about.

Diane is interested in writing a story about how hobby genealogists handle
finding unscrupulous members of their family tree.  How did they first find
out about the person?  Did the genealogist's diggng cause a family rift?
Did they omit the name from the family tree? etc.
In one instance a person reported to her that they had been told their
grandparent had died, but that wasn't true and that person just didn't do
what was accepted by the family.  There are lots of stories out there

If any of you have a story you would like to share with Diane her
restriction is that you have to live or work in Kenosha County.  She didn't
state that the ancestor had to be from Kenosha.  You can phone Diane Giles
at 262-656-6364.


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