Kenosha County Genealogy Society

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Membership in the Kenosha County Genealogy Society ("KCGS") is open to any person(s) or organization who is interested in genealogy.  You can join others that have an interest in genealogy and history by gaining access to resources and knowledge that can make your membership pay for itself.

Membership in the Kenosha County Genealogy Society includes:

  • Subscription to the KCGS Newsletter "Southport Echo" offering research tools, articles of interest and program listings for
           affiliate organizations in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Published monthly, members can print an electronic version of the newsletter
           from the
    Members Only site;  As well as access to:
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Class forms

    Membership dues are $15.00 per year and begin with our fiscal year starting September 1st.  If dues are not paid by October 31st, a late charge of $2.00 will be assessed.  Dues for new members joining later in the year will be prorated. The KCGS membership year runs for one year without restriction as to place of residence. 
  • To become a member, click here for Membership Application.
  • Mail application with a check to:  KCGS, P.O. Box 25, Kenosha, WI 53141-0025

NOTE:  As of September, 2018 per our By-Laws, Visitors may attend 3 (three) General Meetings per membership year.  After 3 meetings, it
             is  requested you become a KCGS member.

Elected Officers
(All positions are volunteer)
 Kathy Nuernberg
 Vice President
  Dawn Best
  Oren Simpson
 Recording Secretary
  Brenda Lambert-Miller
 Appointed Officers
 Corresponding Secretary
    and Research
 MaryAnn Cole
 Frank Klein, Bob Finnegan and Oren Simpson
 Suzanne Dibble
 Judy Reynolds
 Surname Book
  Dawn Best
 Preservation  Projects
 Judy Uelmen
 Website Maintenance
 Kathy Nuernberg
 Dawn Best