Kenosha County Genealogy Society

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Tombstone Project


To capture digital images of the gravestones of our ancestors. As decades pass, it is becoming harder, if not impossible, to read the inscriptions they originally contained. By archiving the images, we can help save these important records and also assist researchers using this valuable resource. 

Project Information

We are currently seeking volunteers to help take and upload photos for many counties. We also need volunteers to coordinate and oversee information submitted to said counties. If you have an interest in volunteering for this rewarding part-time activity please contact Judy Uelman at 262-764-2630 or, or through this website on the "How you can help" page.

The purpose of this project is to organize volunteers who will work together to create a lasting tribute to our ancestors. We will transcribe tombstone inscriptions and have that work archived for the future and made easily accessible. 

The tombstones of our ancestors were always meant to be lasting memorials to the lives of those gone before. It is distressing to see old tombstones suffering the ravages of time and weather. Fortunately, many are still legible TODAY. But, of those we can read today, how many will still be legible ten or twenty years from today?

While many cemeteries have already been recorded by various Genealogical Societies, many more have not. And, of those recorded, how accessible is that data to the world? If we join together and do this recording, we will guarantee that our ancestors are not forgotten - that their memorials will live on so that future generations may remember them well, as we do.